Thursday 24 January 2013


 ‘My Sales Dialer’ is a power dialer application for android phones; a very handy application that lets people utilize a full featured call center type of dialer from their android phone. It has all the feature of a call center dialer with the CRM. It also has handy features like importing the contacts from CSV file, android address book, sending SMS, email, mobile call or office phone call for any contact. This enables and empowers hard-working small business owners and individual to hire tele-services agents around the world and assign them specific tele-service task using the Agent Reporting and Management module. The tasks could be anything: Telemarketing, Reminder Services, Collection Services, Insurance Services, Invitation Services, Survey Services and the list can go on.... 

Pretty Simple, by following these steps: 
  • Register all your tele-service agents in your account and get their phonesvalidated through SMS verification (Your agents could be at any part of the world)
  • Have your agents purchase My Sales Dialer android app
  • You can download FREE TRAIL version from our website after registration.
  • They can see the training video to effectively use the app
  • You distribute the calling lists to your agents (each could be assigned separate lists, or one list depending upon your preference
  • Let them work and sync the data from their app and you can see their progress report and share with your clients right from the dashboard!

We offer 30 days free trial with no upfront credit card requirement.

You can always call us at 510-713-9900 x 111 for more information on how to get started!! 

Thanks for making it a success!! 

We also offer professional yearly support to larger volume clients. Kindly contact us if your firm would like to sign-up for yearly support contract and exclusive enhancements.

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See MY SALES DIALER in action by viewing a product demo.
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